To get started with Vocty you have to enter vocabulary first. You do this by creating a new exercise. To do this, select the entry: „New exercise“ from the functions. Enter a name. The newly created exercise is then displayed under „Your exercise“.

Now choose your exercise. This opens the vocabulary editor:


You can add vocabulary by tapping the button with the „+“ symbol. This opens an input window with which you can enter the vocabulary. The text field vocabulary is intended for the vocabulary in the foreign language and the text field underneath is intended for translation into the „mother tongue“.

For example:

Vokabel:  yesterday
Text:  gestern

Tip for input: Use the voice input via the keyboard (microphone symbol) to enter the term. It works well and saves a lot of typing. Note that the voice input only works for the set language on your iPhone. So e.g. German is typed and English can be dictated.

If you want to enter several words in a row, you can press the arrow symbol next to „New entry“. After entering a word, the input window is shown again and you do not need to press the „+“ symbol all the time. Pressing the „arrow“ again or pressing „cancel“ ends this function.

Overview of the functions in the editor:

AddSymbol Adding vocabulary
Sorting mode Vocabulary can be moved within the exercise
By pressing, you swap the vocabulary of the entire exercise.
This will reset the error count of all vocabulary of the exercise.
This will set the counter for the correct entry of a vocabulary.


Practice vocabulary

Vocty offers you 4 ways to practice the vocabulary:

  1. Easy learning
  2. Total learning
  3. Random
  4. Top ten exercise


In addition, you can set the accuracy of the evaluation of your input for each exercise. With this setting, even small errors are still considered „correct“. The adjustable fault tolerance increases the motivation and vocabulary can be learned step by step.

Fault tolerance:

You can set the fault tolerance for each practice.

What is fault tolerance? Vokty compares your entry with the default. With an error tolerance of 0, the entry must exactly match the specification. If you select the value 1, one character may deviate from the default. With an error tolerance of 3, three characters may deviate from the specification.

Easy learning:

All vocabulary words of an exercise are asked one after the other.

Vocty prompts you to choose an exercise. Just tap on the exercise and the vocabulary trainer starts:


Enter the vocabulary you are looking for in the blue field. Your input is checked by pressing „Enter“ on the keyboard.If you were correct, you will see a „Correct“. If the entry was incorrect, a dialog will be displayed in which you can see your error.

Now you have to enter the vocabulary again. Only when a vocabulary has been entered correctly. The exercise continues. The app registers the result of the entry and counts the wrong and correct entries. So you can quickly recognize which vocabulary still needs to be practiced.

If all vocabulary words of an exercise were queried, the result is displayed:

The result is only saved in the course of the app when an exercise has been completed.

Total learning:

The operation is exactly the same as for „simple practice“. The only thing that’s different is if you make a mistake start over with the first word. The exercise can only be ended if you have entered all the vocabulary without errors.

Random learning:

First choose an exercise, then you can select the number of words using the dial.

The further operation corresponds to that of „Easy learning“

Top Ten learning:

This exercise selects the vocabulary that you typed most incorrectly. With the rotary wheel you can set the number of words.


The further operation corresponds to that of „Easy learning“

Export exercise:

Exercises can be exported here. The exercise is exported to an SQL database. All numbers in the exercise name are converted to „written“ letters. An SQL database cannot start with a number. Choose an exercise to export:

Then an e-mail is created, which receives the exported exercise as a file attachment.

Import exercise:

Enter a name in the „New exercise name“ field. Make sure that there is no exercise with the same name. Otherwise you will see an error message. Then select the file and press „Import List“. The imported exercise is then displayed in the list.

Before you can import a Vokty file you have to send the file to Vokty. The following options are available:

  • Receive a Vokty file via email.
  • Save a Vocty file via „Files“.

If the file is on your device use the „Share function“ to send it to Vokty.

If you selected „Share“ look for the entry „Vokty“ to transfer the file:

The file can then be called up using the import function.


Here you can see the result of your exercise for each word. On the right side you will see the number of correct and incorrect entries.

You can delete these values for all vocabulary using the buttons at the bottom. Do you want only individual values.

With the selection „History“ you can see the result of all completed exercises:

This history can also be deleted. For this purpose, the entry „delete history“ is at the top

This app is specially designed for parents to control learning behavior!

Have fun with the Vokty app!