PassTab encrypt and store your passwords, pins and much more on your IPhone or IPad.  A special feature is that Pass Tab provide a Code table method to generate save passwords

The code table method works as followed:

First you need to create a code table. I propose to take at least 3 characters for each field. You should use large and small letters and special characters. PassTab generates with this table based on the letters of your entry a password . In the default settings PassTab use the first 3 letters to generate the password.

For example: Based on the shown table Ebay causes the  passwort: R7jc3&c3&

You can create 9 tables to easiely change password prodicaly. You can define for each database entry the table number. To improve the savety you can add a password before or after the generated password.

Example:  MyPassR7jc3&c3& oder R7jc3&c3&MyPass

The password database can be synchronised via ICloud on all your IOS. The ICloud can be disabled. You can export and import your database.


First start of the App :

To use PassTab you need to enter a password. This is the master password and it is use to encrypt your database. If you export your database it will be also encrypted with the master password. Be aware in case you forget the master password you can not read the passwords anymore.

Main Screen:

(+) : create a new entry

  • long press on an entry opens the window to edit the database entry
  • index on the right side for quick navigation
  • the segmented controll shows which codetable is used.
  • in the blue colored textfields you can select the contens and use copy paste to transfer you password where it is needed.

new entry :

  • if  password field is empty thepassword will be created by the code table
  • with the segmented control you can define the table number which is used to generate the password

Settings :

characters no: this value define how many letters are used tu buil the password

store password switch: you decide if you need to enter the  master password every time you open the app. If your device supports TouchID you can use TouchID to enter the master password.

ICloud switch : if ICloud is deactivated the database will be deleted and copied into a local database.

Export code table / password database:  Your code table or your database will be saved encrypted in a file withe the suffix „.pwt“ . The code table and the database are never stored in the same file. The files are encrypted with your master passwort.




Import code table / password database: you can import files with the suffix „.pwt“. Your exported database are stored in the local App folder. To import the files you are requested to enter the passwort of the file. Your database will be added to the existing app database. The entrie will be finaly encrypted with the master password. So if the import password is different the app will change the new entries to the master password. You can import databases via E-Mail attachment. The attached file will be stored in the local app folder and can be accessed via the import function. By swiping from right to left side you are able to delete the file in the app folder.

Change password : with that tool you can change your password. If your keychain is stored and synchronised by ICloud the password will be changed on all devices. Also your database will encrypted with the new password. If other devices are not shown the database correct you are able to change the password local to correct password issues