Pass Table


PassTab store your passwords, pins and much more encrypted on your IOS device. A special feature is that PassTab provide a code table method to generate save passwords. PassTab is able to generates schematically passwords out of a code table. Based on the beginning letters of your entry it generates a password .
Here is an example how it works:
Code Table:

abc def ghi jkl mno pqr stu vwx yz1 234 567 890
c3& R7j wT9 Ku2 S13 3Dt u+S D3a fGt 4aH sB2 rp#

For the entry „Router access“ the password will be: 3DtS13u+S
(R=“3Dt“ and o=“S13″ and u=“u+S“)

To improve the savety you can add a password before or after the generated password.

Example: MyPass3DtS13u+S or 3DtS13u+SMyPass

Feel free to use passtab and check how it works for you.