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Control your home automation with the Apple Watch or with your IOS device. The OwnControl app has been specially developed for the control of a © Particle Photon and for the control of devices by means of the „HTTP Get Function“ like e.g. © Devolo Home Control. I use the app to control a © Particle Photon and © Devolo Home Control. With the © Photon 8 devices are controlled via a relay board:

  • 2 x garage door
  • Blinds (1 up, 3 zones down)
  • Skylight (1x on and 1x closed)

© Devolo Home Control Functions with OwnControl:

  • Alarm on
  • Alarm off socket

All switching functions can be exported and transferred to another IOS device. The app uses Apple’s iCloud feature and syncs all functions on your devices. For more details, see the instruction manual.